A Woman's Sexual Pleasure is Dramatically Decreased

during intercourse

when the man's penis has been surgically altered

by circumcision

New book presents irrefutable evidence:
penis Circumcision Harms Adult Sexuality

and  women are profoundly harmed

as well as men


     Top 10 Ways Circumcised Penis Harms Women

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Top Ways Penis Circumcision Harms Men

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        Kristen O'Hara




        This is the first book to detail the many
       sexual functions and benefits of the foreskin

  Benefits fornot only the manbut also for the woman on the receiving end of the penis during intercourse.  
  It clearly explains:
  How circumcision adversely alters a man’s sexual performance  
to his detriment, and to his female partner's
  Why the surgically altered circumcised penis makes it difficult
in some cases impossiblefor most American women
to achieve
orgasm from intercourse
  Why millions of American women routinely experience
chafing, redness,
soreness, and discomfort (even pain)
as a consequence
of "circumcised intercourse"

woman's erotic story
describes the differences
between natural and circumcised sex

Yes, it can now be said with certainty: The foreskin has a purpose
a sexual purpose.  And during the intimacy of sexual intercourse,
the foreskin. . .
  ultra-erogenous tissue and the penis's only moving part  
. . . not only makes a difference, a superlative difference, in a man's
sexual pleasure, but its presence during intercourse also makes a
phenomenally greater difference to the woman on the receiving end
of the penis
, enhancing her pleasure and comfort immensely, and substantially increasing her rate of orgasmic success.

 Conversely:  Penis circumcision has newly revealed adverse
 on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner
 causing profound detrimental consequences on the way they
 experience intercourse, diminishing their pleasure to an
 astounding degree

If you are a woman, reading Sex As Nature Intended It  will open
your eyes to the damage circumcision does to a man's sex organ
and its harmful effects on your sexual fulfillment and love happiness.

Once you realize how important the natural (uncircumcised) penis is
to your sexual pleasure and enjoyment of life, you'll undoubtedly want your circumcised mate to consider investigating the many options for restoring his foreskin.  And you'll protect your son(s) from circumcision.

Yet, right now, most American women have no idea how important the natural penis is because they have never known the true lovemaking experience of natural intercourse. They have only experienced intercourse with circumcised men.

Still, I can explain the differences between the two types of intercourse in such a way that any woman can easily comprehend the foreskin's vital importance, even though she's never experienced sex with a natural man.

Like most women, I too, at one time, didn't realize that the circumcised penis was the cause of much of my dissatisfaction with intercourse.   But because I'd had the good fortune to become sexually intimate with a man who had a natural penis, my eyes were opened to the sexual truths revealed in SANII, summarized in pictures, videos, & text at


My full story, wherein I detail my sexual experiences with natural and circumcised men, appears in Chapter 11 of SANII.

After I came to realize that "natural intercourse" was an infinitely more gratifying experience, I was curious to find out how other women felt about this subject.

In this regard, I conducted the first survey of women who have had
the comparative experience of intercourse with both uncircumcised
and circumcised penises.

The vast majority of these women agreed there are indeed
definite, discernible differences between circumcised and natural intercourse.  Natural intercourse is decidedly superior
—gloriously better.

Top 3 of the survey's many significant findings:

        Women were almost 5 times more likely to achieve vaginal orgasm
        when the man had an uncircumcised penis
. And they were more
        likely to achieve multiple vaginal orgasms as well.

  Uncircumcised men usually lasted longer.  
  Conversely, premature ejaculation was significantly more common
among circumcised men.
 And, contrary to expectation, even if the
circumcised man could prolong intercourse, after 8 -10 minutes
of thrusting, women started wishing "to just get it over with."


Surveyed women preferred sex with a natural penis by a margin of  9 to 1  — not 2 to 1, or 3 to 1, but  9 to 1.


Why would this be?  What is it about the uncircumcised penis
that makes it the superior instrument for lovemaking, bringing
women fulfilling sexual ecstasy and allowing them to achieve orgasm with greater frequency?

The answersdetailed in SANIIwill astound you!   But for now. . .

Please allow me to speak, from a woman's point of view, those words which you will undoubtedly come to say for yourself, once you've experienced lovemaking the way nature meant it to be.  As a woman:

You deserve to discover your true sexuality with a man who has
a whole, fully functioning penis.

  You deserve to experience the tenderness of "real " intercourse
with your vagina relaxed, moist, and totally surrendered
expecting only joy.

You deserve to know the smooth, sensuous, gliding thrusting
that only a natural penis, with it’s moveable foreskin, can give you.


You deserve to thrill to the ecstatic, grinding, massaging rhythm
of natural thrusting, which places an almost constant, gentle pressuring on your clitoris.

  You deserve to know how it feels to be perfectly and seamlessly connected with your partner, in a mutual union of pleasuring.  
  You deserve to experience nirvana and the entire range of
delicious lovemaking sensations nature intended for you.
  You deserve to have real orgasms instead of faking them.  
  With no holding back, lost in voluptuous abandon, you
TOTALLY want it, you TOTALLY need it, and you TOTALLY love it.
  Instead of what you are now getting from circumcised intercourse,  
  an abnormally hardened penis head and shaft that
"feels like you're being poked with a broomstick"
  abrasive, elongated thrusting that pumps lubrication out of
your vagina faster than you can make it
  chafing irritation, friction burn, soreness, discomfort (even pain)  
  frustrating sex, constantly feeling "out of sync" with your partner  
  rough, tough, even pounding, bang-away thrusting  
  and when it’s over, you think, ‘Thank God he finally came!  
caused by the circumcised penis missing its foreskin and the foreskin's various vital functions.

Woman's comment after reading Sex As Nature Intended It


I've been going my whole life thinking there is something wrong with me for not wanting to have sex as long as the man does and not liking the pounding thrusts needed by him to orgasm. I thought soreness was normal, that if I was only turned on more, I'd be wetter. What a relief it is now to know that it's not my fault, but rather it's the circumcised penis."


Reader's Comments

Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

I've always felt that the male foreskin
is there for a reason.  Until recently, I didn't know exactly what that reason was.  But now, thanks to Kristen O'Hara's well-researched book, I finally understand the reasons for the design of the penis and foreskin, and how
this design ensures optimal penile function, including the intact organ's ability to satisfy the female sexually.

Reviewer: Allen from Missouri

After reading many books on circumcision, if I could recommend only one,. . .this would be the one. 
[It] completely answers the question why you should try to restore your foreskin and why infant circumcision should never happen in the first place.  Amazon.com will only let you give a book 5 stars.  I would've gladly given this book 100 stars.

Reviewer: Jim from CA

Many have hitherto assumed that the male foreskin is an extraneous flap of skin that serves no physical or sexual purpose. . .This is the first publication to go into depth about the sexual toll that comes with slicing off foreskins.

Reviewer: Linda from CA

The truth is finally here. . . For women like me, in a wonderful marriage for 20 yrs. and having had great circumcised sex for the first 12, (with only slight discomfort), this book finally put into words the logic and reasons for my lack of interest, and sometimes distress, about sex.

Every woman should read this book. . . It makes so much sense to me now, as I always assumed my lack of desire was all my problem.  A lot of wives out there have sex for their husband's sake, and I'm sure they wonder why they don't "feel like it" anymore.

I am so sorry that my husband and I have been robbed of our ability for fulfilling, NATURAL sex.  I highly recommend this book.

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 1.  The Secret Enters the Spotlight

 2.  Something Is Missing

 3.  "The Tie That Binds" a Loving Relationship

 4.  How the Natural & Circumcised Penis Perform
      Sex Differently

 5.  Gliding Mechanism of the Natural Penis versus
      the Friction Burn of the Circumcised Penis

 6.  Further Sexual Comparisons:
      How the Two Penises Perform Differently and
      Why's It's Important !
especially to the Woman

 7.  Women's Personal "Tell-All" Stories:  What's
      Really Going On in America's Bedrooms

8A.  Normal Thrusting Rhythm of the Natural Penis
       vs. the
Abnormal Thrusting Rhythm of
       the Circumcised Penis

8B.  Male Clitoris: Its Discovery, Pleasurement,
       and How It Affects the Thrusting Rhythm

 9.  Why Does the Circumcised Man Thrust Hard
       and/or Bang and Pound Away?

10.  Circumcised Sex: "It's Over Too Fast."  But
        Even When It Last's, She Still Doesn't Like It  

11.  Author's Personal Story

12.  Foreskin Restoration Revolution and the
       Personal Stories of Two Men Who Restored,
       One by Surgery, Another by "Tugging"

13.  Survey of Women Sexually Experienced
       with Both Circumcised and Uncircumcised Men

14.  The Real Reason American Men are Circumcised

15.  35 Reasons Why You Should Not Circumcise

16.  Are There Valid Reasons for Circumcising?

17.  Common Myths That Popularized Circumcision

18.  Medical Myths That Perpetuate Circumcision

19.  Will the Jewish People Disavow Circumcision?

20.  A Call to Reason

Afterword by George C. Denniston, M.D.


How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm 99.99% of the Time

How to Minimize Premature Ejaculation:
A Simple Secret for Prolonging Intercourse

A Solution for those Men Who Take Longer To
Reach Orgasm Than the Woman Wants Them To

Male Clitoris Explained in Further Detail:
Excerpts & Pics from Sevely's book, Eve's Secrets

Reprint of Authors' Article in the British Journal of Urology: 
    "The effect of male circumcision on  
      the sexual enjoyment of the female partner"

Survey Questionnaire for Women Experienced
Sexually with Both Circumcised & Uncirc'd Men



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