TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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Circumcised Penis "Feels Like You're Being Poked with a Broomstick"


Insufficient shaft skin presses down tightly, compacting the penis head and shaft so they're
rock hard like "a broomstick."


Circumcised penis head & shaft are abnormally hard when erect because too much swollen tissue is packed into too small a packaging of skin.  Circumcision removes 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis's shaft skin. Upon erection, the shaft skin is forced to stretch tightly thin in order to accommodate the fullness of the erection.  Like blowing up a balloon, as more air is forced in, the balloon gets stretched thinner & thinner, and becomes tighter and firmer.  The  tight skinoverly firmcircumcised penis feels to the woman like a "broomstick," quite different from the cushiony shaft & head of the natural penis.



Circumcision removes 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis’s shaft skin (10-15 sq. in. or 60 – 104 cm2).  An area of tissue large enough for 15 U.S. quarters. (for details, click on Full Explanation)


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Softly-stiff Natural Penis Gently Caresses the Vaginal Walls and Opening


Abundant shaft skin makes
for a spongier head & shaft;
a more sensuous feeling sex organ for the woman.

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The "extra" shaft skin the foreskin provides gives a thin, spongy cushioning to the erect natural penis shaft (like it's covered in velvet).  And because the shaft has ample skin to accommodate its erection, it does not bear down and compress the shaft's tissue.  Nor is the penis head pulled down and compacted.  The natural penis head has a spongier give to it that allows it to yield and flex during thrusting.  This provides a superior sensuousness that makes the natural penis head feel like it's making love to the vagina, rather than poking it.

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The "added" shaft skin on the erect natural penis cushions the shaft and coronal ridge hook, and enables the penis head to have "giveability" so it feels tenderly sensuous to the vagina.