TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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Q.  Penis Odor? Gone.

Q.  Foreskin restoration: Can a circumcised man restore his foreskin?  What's the fastest way?

Q.  Infection of the foreskin and penis head (medically called balanoposthitis).  Is there a simple, effective solution?

Q.  Foreskin cannot fully retract over the penis head during sexual activity (called phimosis), or it retracts but cannot return to its normal position (paraphimosis). Is there a solution?

Q.  Condom use on a natural penis.  Any suggestions?


Q.  Penis Odor?  A solution better than soap and water.

A.  Just before sex (or anytime), apply vegetable oil (like Wesson oil or corn oil) to the penis head and inner foreskin area, and massage it in thoroughly.

Let the vegetable oil stay on for 1-2 minutes and it will absorb any odor. 

Then, with 2 or 3 tissues, blot off the oil and wipe the penis completely clean.  The penis will then be odor free.

(Sometimes, although rarely, you may need a second application.)

For portability, vitamin E capsules or safflower oil capsules are just as effective as vegetable oil from a bottle. You can buy vitamin E capsules inexpensively at most drug stores and supermarkets.

This vegetable oil method is far superior to soap and water for eliminating genital odor because it cleans as well as soap, but leaves no soap odor or taste.  If you use this method routinely, buy a see-thru pump bottle for the oil to keep in your bath or bedroom.


Below is a Special Message to Women Who Are Missing Out on the joys of sex with a natural man because they are apprehensive about the possibility of penis odor and/or smegma. 

If you are odor phobic and are not sure that the man is keeping his penis clean, you can take control  yourself.  Use the above procedure.  And also...

  Buy a 2 oz. pump bottle at a
pharmacy, bath shop, or dept.
store.  Or it order on line > > 

Fill it with Wesson Oil or any
brand of corn oil.

Put the dispenser in your
purse (and/or your bathroom
or bedroom), along with a
package of Kleenex tissues.


When the opportunity arises to have sex with a natural man, explain to him that an uncircumcised penis is a new experience for you and you are somewhat odor phobic.  Would he mind if you prepared him for sex by cleaning his penis with some massage oil?  Tell him you read about the technique in a women's magazine (Cosmo, Redbook, whatever) and you think it'll make sex better for both of you.  He may chuckle a bit, but he'll, no doubt, let you do it.  Then both of you can relax and have a good time.


Q.  Foreskin Restoration: Get your foreskin back.

A.  What is the fastest way Visit:         

       Pictures: From Start to Full Restoration  

     A Comparison Chart of Restoration Devises     

IMPORTANT: For faster skin growth, take supplemental vitamin C (Ester C is best) 500 mg. 3 times a day,

Zinc (50 mg.) and Lysine.  See why & where to buy below.




Taking these nutritional supplements everyday will accelerate skin growth, and also, prevent skin from cracking while it's being stretched, thereby avoiding
the appearance of stretch marks on new skin.  


Q.  Infection of the foreskin & penis head (medically called balanoposthitis).  Is there a simple, effective solution?

A.  Yes.  Reduce sodium in the diet.  Stop salting your food.  Don't eat sodium-laced foods or dairy products. The infection will go away.  Noticeable improvement will be evident within 3 days, but follow this dietary restriction for at least 7-10 days to avoid a recurrence.

For added benefit, you can also do the following:

1.   Take 200 mg. of potassium 3 times a day during
the infection.  (Elevating your body's levels of potassium will drive excess sodium out of the body. 
Excess sodium is the primary cause of the infection; excess sodium can irritate tissue and  create inflammation.  Bacteria thrive in irritated tissue.  Eliminate the salt-caused inflammation and the bacteria will die away.)

2.   Take 500 mg. of vitamin C 3 times a day; this will accelerate healing. 

3.   Take a sitz bath 2 or 3 times during the day.  A sitz bath is where you sit in the bathtub for about 20 minutes in enough water so your penis is completely covered.  (This sitz bath solution was given to Jeffrey O'Hara by the doctor who surgically restored his foreskin.)

If you heed the above advice, an infected foreskin, which is a rare occurrence to begin with, will never become a serious or troubling problem.

DISCLAIMER: Legally, we are required to advise you
to visit a medical doctor (who can prescribe antibiotic medication).  However, when you visit the doctor, if you mention the above, be aware that he will have no knowledge of it and, thus, reject it.  Listen to the doctor's  treatment recommendations, and weigh them carefully, along with the above.  Assess the risks involved.  Decide, yourself, what actions to take.


Q.  Foreskin cannot fully retract over the penis head during sexual activity (medically called phimosis), or it retracts but cannot return to its normal position (paraphimosis).  Is there a solution?

A.  Yes.  Visit this website:   Important, also, to take supplemental Vitamin C (Ester C is best) 500mg. 3 times a day and Zinc (50 mg. per day).  Taking these nutritional supplements everyday will prevent skin from cracking or leaving stretch marks while it's being stretched and growing new skin.

Q.  Condom use on a natural penis.  Any suggestions?

A.   Here's valuable advice posted at a forum from a man who explains how he retains the natural penis's "gliding mechanism" even with a condom on:

I have a long foreskin that covers my entire penis head even when I'm fully erect.   When I put on a condom, I start by retracting back my foreskin.  Then I cover only the head, stopping the condom just after the corona.  Next, I pull my foreskin fully up and over my penis head so that the condom doubles-back over itself inside my foreskin.  Finally, I slide the remainder of the condom down all the way to the base of my erect penis. 

During intercourse, my foreskin slides fully back and forth, taking the condom with it in unison.  The condom never falls off.  And I actually find that the double layer of condom inside my foreskin makes my pleasure even greater, and it retains the penis's "gliding mechanism," for the mutual enjoyment of both me and my partner.