TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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Circumcised Penis Thrusts Hard, Rough and Tough,

with Pounding, Bang-away Thrusting


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    this webpage are very

    sexually explicit

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Circumcised sex is adrenalized sextense, forceful, muscular, rough and tough, and aggressive.  It's pumped with tension.  And often, hard, pounding, bang-away thrusts are used.

In her multi-million-selling book, How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, Naura Hayden refers to it as "The Big Bang" and she describes it this way:

He got her excited with foreplay.  She’s burning up with desire.  But as soon as he enters her and starts pumping away, she’s turned off.   That wonderful, excited feeling, that glow all over her body, that tingling in her sex organs, vanishes.  Why? 

Because he’s doing The BIG BANG.  In and out,
in and out —Bang Bang. 

He doesn’t realize it doesn’t feel good to her.  Initially, it doesn’t always hurt, but it sure doesn’t feel terrific. 
And after a while of being ‘banged,’ it does start to hurt, and she wishes he'd just get the whole thing over fast! 

If you men would just try this experiment, you’d understand exactly what it feels like.

Put your left arm out, and with your right fist, hit your left arm for 30 seconds (the longer you do it, the more it hurts)

I did this on several TV shows to show the male hosts what ‘banging’ feels like, and they were amazed.  They had no idea that that’s what happens when a man enters a woman and starts pumping. 

When the base of his penis [pubic mound] rams against her clitoris, the woman initially feels pain (which makes her tense up), then gradually her whole sexual area loses feeling.  At first it hurts, then it gets sort of numb and loses feeling.

The woman, not knowing what he’s doing wrong (but absolutely knowing it’s all wrong!), pretends finally to have an orgasm because she knows that the way he’s doing it she’ll never have one, and she wants to get it over with to end the boredom and/or pain.

She’s left feeling very frustrated, unhappy, and unsatisfied.

Never dreaming it could possibly be the man’s ineptness [more precisely, his circumcised penis],
these women are left thinking that maybe there's something wrong with them, that they don't like sex.

When women of the Kristen O'Hara's survey were asked about the thrusting action of circumcised men, 72% agreed that “they tend to pound and bang away.” 

The circ penis thrusts differently from the natural penis.  (This fact is corroborated in thousands of adult videos made over the last 20 years.)

Circumcised penis prefers strong, forceful pressing-pressure against its lower shaft & base/pubic mound area.

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Natural Sex is Gentler Sex


    Warning: videos are
 very sexually explicit

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"Gentler entry, gentler thrusting, gentler movements altogether...a more sensuous overall experience."

Natural sex is relaxing; much less physical exertion is required; much less stressful tension is created.

There are many reasons why the presence of a foreskin causes the woman to perceive natural intercourse as a gentler, love-making experience.  All are explained in
the book, Sex As Nature Intended it.  Below are the

Top 4 Reasons

Why Natural Intercourse is Gentler?

Reason #1  The foreskin is delicate tissue.  It abounds with specialized nerve endings that are equivalent in sensitivity to the lips. Thus, it favors gentler intercourse movements.  Explanation & pictures >  Click Here

Reason #2  The frenulum on the natural penis curbs hard, forceful, pounding thrusts.  How? >  Click Here

Reason #3  The natural penis derives its pleasure primarily from the upper penis.  Upper penis pleasure nerves are so exquisitely sensitive, they only need easy motions to excite them.  And because the upper penis area generates such a high level of pleasure, the natural penis doesn't need to bear down hard on its thrusts, nor bang its base area against the vaginal opening to elicit pleasure, the way the circumcised penis does.

Also, the natural penis upper area nerves derive high levels of pleasure on both the inward thrust & the outward stroke.  So the natural penis doesn't have to travel very far, back and forth in the vagina, to maintain a consistent flow of pleasurable sensations to the brain.


How Did Nature Intend for the Penis

to Derive Pleasure?


Click Here >  Part 1 - Touch-Sensitive Nerves


Click Here >  Part 2 - Pressure-Sensitive Nerves


Reason #4  Natural penis thrusts gentler because it uses shorter strokes that require less muscle force. 

Natural penis
with a gentler
rocking motion

Circumcised penis, instead, thrusts with long strokes that are intent on stimulating nerves of the lower penis that respond to hard, forceful pressuring.  

Circd penis
with a
hips-jerked-forward power thrust.


Notice the recoil
in the man's
lower buttock
from the force
of his thrust.


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