TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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    Circumcised Sex Lessens Feelings of Love for One's Partner


Few people realize that the sex act is designed by nature to create love between the couple.  Most people think that the sex act is just for pleasure.  But nature intended sex to bond the couple together (love bond) because the love bond helps to ensure that the couple will stay together to rear their child during its years of dependency.  The human child has the longest period of dependency of all living creatures. 

In effect, then, the sex organs are actually the generators of love because they create feelings of love in the brain.

However, because the circumcised penis is an unnatural sex organ, it astoundingly abnormalizes the sex act, which, in turn, abnormalizes the feelings of love for one's sex partner.  Over time, the relationship will become deficient in sexual love, as the frustration, discomfort, and shortcomings of circumcised sex drive a wedge through the heart of the relationship.  Without sexual love in the marriage, the couple might just as well be roommates. 

The dissatisfactions of incomplete, unrewarding circumcised sex decrease the woman's desire for sexual intimacy, so gradually the couple has sex less and less often, further decreasing the love bond between them.  (Infrequent sex has a detrimental effect on the love bond.)

The partners of a circumcised relationship enter marriage with the enthusiastic optimism of youth, thinking that everything will be a bed of roses.  But sadly, the bed of roses has a thornthe coronal ridge hook. 

FACT: In the United States, 1 out of 2 marriages ends in divorce.  United States divorce rate is double that of European countries where men are not usually circumcised. 

Of course, circumcised sex isn't the only cause of divorce, relationship disharmony and discord.  Other factors undoubtedly play a role.  Financial difficulties, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unfaithfulness, etc., can contribute to putting a marriage on the rocks.  However, because circumcised sex has so many potentially negative effects on sexual relations, and inasmuch as sexual fulfillment is an important aspect of marital happiness, doesn't it make sense that the harm caused by circumcised sex could be a significant contributing factor to America's high divorce statistics.


We all know that men and women are attracted to each other on several levels—personality, intellect, looks, interests, etc.  And yet, beyond those attractions, sexual attraction surely exists.  And I think most of us will agree that It is the sexual chemistry between two people that puts the frosting on the cake of love.

And while it’s true that many non-sexual factors contribute to a couple’s attraction to one another, the importance of sexual compatibility and fulfillment should not be minimized, for this is where our hearts are truly filled with a special kind of joy.  Without sexual fulfillment, there is a certain void in the pages of our lives.

When a man and woman become fond of one another, they will naturally want to become sexually intimate. When this happens, intercourse brings the relationship to a higher level of meaningfulness.  The ecstasy of delicious natural sex is the foundation upon which an intimate couple builds a mutual sexual admiration for each other.  The wonderful sex they experience promotes the development of deep biochemical “love roots,” from which blossoms a mutual love bond that may, in many instances, last a lifetime.

But when vital sexual tissue is stripped from the penis, causing it to feel and function completely abnormally, this can cause the sex act to lose its magical appeal—especially for the woman.

A study conducted by sociologists Cameron and Fleming asked a representative sampling of Americans of both sexes—ranging in age from 18 to 55—to rank in order 22 pleasurable activities on a five-point scale.

Among males age 18 to 25, sex shared the number one spot with music.  Among females of the same age group, sex ranked fifth, after music, nature, family, and traveling.  Among males in the 26 to 29 age category, sex was at the top of their list.  Females of the same age group listed sex and their jobs tied for fifth.

Jumping to the 40 to 55 age group, sex gets somewhat of a bashing.  Males listed it behind family, in joint second place with nature.  Females in this group listed sex 15th, behind such mundane pleasures as sleeping, attending church, watching TV, and even housework!

If this is typical, it means that a middle-aged American housewife would rather fire up the vacuum cleaner than have sex.  Could their lack of interest in sex be a consequence of the kind of sex these women were getting over the years?


The following quote is from Naura Hayden, author of the book, How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, which has sold over 6 million copies.

"When I wrote my first book, Isle of View, I included in it a short part about sex, wherein I wrote about The Big Bang and faking orgasm.  I mentioned that I'd spoken to thousands of women who told me about the problems they had in being satisfied during intercourse by their mates.  For How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, I interviewed 500 women; not one told me that she never faked orgasm.

When I went on tour to promote How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, the response to my radio and TV appearances was overwhelming.  I got a letter from a Kansas City newscaster saying that in all his years of broadcasting, he had never had such an incredible response.  He said he had hundreds of women, and even many men, calling and writing him after the show, asking about that section on The Big Bang and faking orgasm in my book.

And it was similar all over the U.S.. TV and radio hosts from Houston, Detroit, Dallas, Minneapolis, LA, all who listened to the calls from women that came in
women who'd been married 8 years, 20 years, 55 yearsall telling how they'd been faking orgasm for all the years of their marriages.

It was easy for the women callers to be brutally frank because the calls were anonymous. They said they were tired of faking it and putting up with The Big Bang."

What is The Big Bang?  Why is it so common with circumcised men?  > >


Natural Penis and the Making of Love

The ecstasy of delicious natural sex is the foundation upon which an intimate couple builds a mutual sexual admiration for each other.  Natural lovemaking is completely different from circumcised sex.  It's a gentler interminging, a tender blendingan enrapturement oozing with sensuousnesswith both partners swooning in ecstatic surrender to the passionate, graceful dance of the sex organs.  And these feelings create feelings of love for your partner.   A love that is strengthened with each sexual encounter.

With natural lovemaking, the vagina totally surrenders to the soft sensuousness of lingering ecstasy, as it hungrily caresses and lovingly responds to the erotic movements of the softly-stiff penis, and the penis adores and gently strokes the vagina in return.  Like two halves of a perfect whole, each organ swoons and sighs to a passionate sexual connectednessthe way it was meant to be.  With no holding back, lost in voluptuous abandon, you TOTALLY want it, you TOTALLY need it, and you TOTALLY love it.  The wonderful sex the couple experiences promotes the the development of deep "love roots" within the brain, from which blossoms a mutual love bond that grows stronger with time.


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