TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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Circumcised Penis's Elongated Thrusting Stroke Dries Out Vaginal Lubrication

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When thrusting, the circumcised penis typically uses an Elongated Stroke, whereby, on the outstroke, the penis withdraws far outside the vagina.  Doing so exposes vaginal lubrication on the penis to the open air where it evaporates. Consequently, as circumcised sex progresses, vaginal lubrication tends to dry up, contributing to friction irritation and vaginal soreness.


Its use of an Elongated Thrusting Stroke is also one of the reasons why the circ penis typically "bangs and pounds" during intercourse.  (See #6)


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Natural Penis's Short Strokes Retain Vaginal Lubrication

  Why the natural penis uses a short stroke?   CLICK HERE


Natural penis typically uses a short thrusting stroke, while residing deep within the vagina.


Use of a short thrusting stroke exposes less shaft skin to the open air, so evaporation is minimized.


Minimal evaporation, plus the bunching action of the foreskin that seals in vaginal lubrication (explained in # 2), means that during natural sex, natural lubrication stays inside the vagina.

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