TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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Circumcised Penis's Out-of-Sync Thrusting
Frustrates Her from Achieving Orgasm

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In her best-selling book, How To Have An Orgasm...As Often As You Want, Rachel Swift states emphatically that, “A man’s failure to maintain a consistent and acceptable rhythm is one of the chief causes of a woman’s failure to climax...A consistent critical.  If the pace is broken, so is the ascent to orgasm.”

During circumcised sex, the pace and the woman's ascent to orgasm is frequently broken because the circ penis thrusts with an unnatural, elongated stroke and an inconsistent, irregular rhythm, which put the man’s and woman’s movements out of sync with one another.

Circumcised penis thrusts at the wrong rhythm, at an inconsistent rhythm, and the women suffer the disappointment, displeasure, and degradation of incomplete, unrewarding intercourse.

When a woman is repeatedly disappointed in her quest for sexual fulfillment,....




During Natural Sex,
the Foreskin Helps to Regulate the Ideal Thrusting Tempo
so the Woman Has a Better Chance of Achieving Orgasm


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In her best-selling book, How To Have An Orgasm...As Often As You Want, Rachel Swift says,

"Of the scores of women I have spoken to, all agree
that a consistent rhythm in the buildup to orgasm
is critical."

One of the foreskin's most important functions is regulate the penis's thrusting at a consistent rhythm, throughout much of the intercourse experience.

This consistent rhythm not only produces high levels of pleasure for the man, it also brings sexual ecstasy for the woman and works to ensure  that she'll achieve vaginal orgasm.  


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