The first time I ever had sex was when I was a teenager.   It wasnít anything special at all, but it was memorable because it points up 
the differences between "circumcised" and "natural" intercourse.

It was during the summer, and I was spending most of my time at the beach.    Every day I would sit out in the sun in my bikini, and every day this boy would sit down next to me doing the same.   One day he asked me if it would be okay to remove his pants and get some sun in "that" area.   I didnít see anything wrong with it, so I agreed.   Upon removing his pants, he showed me what was to become my first exposure to a circumcised penis.   From my memory, the head was very clearly delineated from the shaft, almost like it was manicured or something.   He began to masturbate in front of me.   I was horrified at first but very curious.   He then said I could touch it, and I did.   It seemed very coarse.   He asked me if I had ever had sex.   I said, "No, but I might be interested in trying it."  

Without any hesitation, he ripped off my bikini and literally jumped my bones.   Ramming me harder and harder, I felt like I was being pummeled with a jackhammer and at times, as if sandpaper was attached.   After he came off, I laid there feeling almost dead, feeling severely violated.   It took me a while to recover.

A year later, I experienced sex with a natural boy.   I can remember quite fondly the entire experience.   I was spending the summer at a country farm.   Every day we would get up early, milk the cows, feed the chickens, clean the house, and after a hard dayís work, we all used to go skinny-dipping in a nearby lake.   One day, when the other kids had gone home, I was sitting with a boy and we were talking for a while.   He kissed me and began running his hands gently over my body.   I returned the favor.   The moment I felt his cock a smile came over my face.   The skin moved up and down in perfect rhythm over the head and it was pleasantly soft.   The conversation turned to sex and I was becoming very aroused.   Then, in a very relaxed tone, he asked me if I would like to be the one on top.   I accepted and lowered myself onto him.   Moving my hips in rhythm, my face became flushed and all of a sudden this earth-shattering feeling overtook me.  I came!  The boy beneath me still hadnít come, so I kept going, and almost twenty minutes later I was coming again and again until finally we came as one.   It was the best experience of my life, and probably his as well.

Later in my teens, I had a circumcised boyfriend for one year.  
Every time we had sex, I had to put some K-Y jelly on him or wet him up with oral sex; otherwise there was always vaginal discomfort during intercourse.   The aftermath of sex was worse.   I always experienced a painful throbbing in my vagina.  And during sex, his penis seemed too hard, kinda like being poked with a broomstick.

However, later on, whenever I had sex with a natural boy, we never had to use a lubricant or anything else because the penis head is kept moisturized by the foreskin.   And the penis always felt like a sensuous sex organ, not a broomstick.  After intercourse, I'd feel all warm and giggly, almost too happy.   My whole body felt a warm tingling sensation, and I wanted to just blissfully lie beside him.

To me, circumcised and natural sex are quite different.   Circumcised men not only pound away but they do it in long thrusts.   By being far away, they always seem more distant.   For me, there is never any contact when I am on the bottom, and when I am on top they usually want to control the movement of my buttocks with their hands, so contact, again, is not apparent.   They usually want to have sex in the missionary position with my legs in the air or from behind.   And when they start pounding, my breasts start banging me in the face and my whole stomach begins to go into convulsions.   Even when I am on top and am able to have an orgasm, there is pain before the pleasure and pain after the pleasure; the pleasure only happens once.

The natural man, on the other hand, is more relaxed, confident, playful, and more experimental with your needs.   They take their time.   They move with your rhythm.   In my experience, the number one thing the foreskin does is to make the man very sensitive so he moves more slowly and is much more gentle.   The natural penis does not feel at all abrasive.

A natural man always seems to be in contact with my body.   And when I am riding him or when he is doing most of the thrusting, I can always feel his constant grinding against my clitoris, which either brings on multiple orgasms or makes me feel that another is imminent.   Natural intercourse leaves me completely satisfied.

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