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Woman Married to (or in a Relationship with) a Man with a Natural Penis

How much of a difference does the natural (uncircumcised) penis—equipped with a foreskin—make to a woman on the receiving end of the penis during intercourse?

In seeking the answer to this question, Sex As Nature Intended It: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love, But No One Could Tell You Until Now uncovered some startling discoveries.

One of the keynotes of the book is its unique survey of women who have had the comparative experience of sexual intercourse with both circumcised and uncircumcised men. If you're like the majority of women in the survey, you've found intercourse with your "natural" partner a highly rewarding experience— much more pleasurable than the intercourse you experienced with circumcised men. However, you may have assumed that it was just your man's "technique" that makes lovemaking with him so special. It may not have occurred to you that the penis itself—the fact that it is genitally intact, fully functioning, and natural—plays a much greater role than you could ever imagine.

The book presents overwhelming evidence that during the lovemaking movements of intercourse, the foreskin of the penis plays a definite, delicate, vital role that adds immeasurably to the pleasure and comfort of not only the man, but especially his female partner. Here is how one survey respondent characterized the "natural intercourse" experience.

"The foreskin is the best thing God ever invented for us women. Once a natural penis is in your vagina, you wish it could stay forever. It makes you feel like you're on top of the world. You will only know if you've had sex with a natural man."

Spellbinding evidence is presented that the specialized functions of the foreskin allow a man and woman to experience intercourse in accordance with nature's sexual plan—tenderly, delicately, and lovingly—as they mutually surrender to an enrapturing ecstasy that binds them so close it's as if the two were one.

The protective functions of the foreskin give the natural penis head a softly-stiff giveability that makes it feel exquisitely delicious as it gently caresses the vaginal walls. This, in combination with the foreskin itself—the penis's only moving part—enables the sex act to be gentle, softly-smooth, and hypnotically sensuous. Indeed, upon reading this book, you will have no doubts whatsoever that the key to a woman's sexual ecstasy is the foreskin of the penis.

But the natural penis does more than just bring augmented pleasure, for this increased pleasure also serves to enrich and continually re-cement the love bond—"the tie that binds," thereby improving your relationship happiness and the chances that your marriage will endure. That's why the book is subtitled: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love.

The book explains, for the first time, the many sexual benefits of the natural penis to the intercourse experience of the woman, as well as the man. Through its pages, your eyes will be opened to the joy that lovemaking can bring when nature is on your side. As a result, you will be imbued with a new sense of appreciation for your good fortune in finding a man with a natural penis. And you will be enlightened to the differences your man's natural penis makes not only between the sheets—but also in the pages that make up the story of your love relationship. You will gain a new respect for what you have and never take it for granted, especially when times get tough or rocky, as they do in any relationship.

The aforementioned survey of women—women who have had sexual experience with both types of penises—unearthed many mind-boggling revelations. Such as these:

  • Women were almost 5 times likelier to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had a natural penis. 

  • Women experienced considerably more discomfort during intercourse when the man had a circumcised penis. 

  • Premature ejaculation was significantly more common with circumcised partners. 

  • Surveyed women overwhelmingly preferred sex with the natural penis by a margin of 9 to 1. 

One riveting aspect of the book is the author's own tastefully erotic, dynamic story about her "circumcised experiences" and her discovery of the wonders of "natural sex." Another fascinating chapter includes the personal stories of women who participated in the survey. Additional personal stories and scores of comments about all aspects of this fascinating topic are frequently interspersed throughout the explanatory text, adding spice and a sense of secret exposť that make for captivating reading. You're sure to find a certain satisfaction in peeking into the intimate sexual experiences and love relationships of these women who tell it like it is. Below is a sampling of the kinds of comments that appear in this tell-all book.

"My natural partner kept more constant contact and pressure on my whole genital area during intercourse, so I never felt like he was 'banging away' but that he was with me and pleasuring me."

"I hear a lot of women saying they think a natural penis is ugly and wouldn't want to have sex with one, but they've never tried it. I felt that way too before I had sex with a natural man."

"With circumcised, when the man is too forceful with his thrusting I lose all sense of feeling. The glans of the circumcised male feels rough, and the shaft is too hard, unnatural. It is not the same as with a natural penis."

"My circumcised husband was totally engrossed in satisfying his own sexual needs; therefore, he pounded and banged as if he were having intercourse with a non-feeling person."

"My sexual experiences with three natural men were extraordinary in the gentleness, sensuality, and mutuality of the experience."

"There is much more tenderness, [during natural intercourse] it's much more a joint experience rather than one-sided."

These eye-opening stories and comments will bring your emotions to life. And in the end, you will be able to close the book with a secure feeling of settled belief, knowing how lucky you are to share your bed and love life with a man who was lucky, himself, to escape the knife of circumcision. Never again will you have to contend with the doubt that perhaps your man might be better off with a circumcised penis, since it is the cultural norm in America. Instead, you'll be enlightened to the truth of nature proclaimed in the book: The foreskin plays a multifaceted role in the intercourse experience of both the man and his female partner, and the lovemaking couple can only hope to achieve their true potential for sexual ecstasy when the penis is natural, whole, and fully functioning.

This fascinating book also contains several secret tips to make your sex life even better. Tips you won't find anywhere else. Now and then, any man can have a problem with premature ejaculation. This book will teach you a valuable secret on how to eliminate this problem, so you can prolong intercourse for your mutual pleasure and the deepening love that delicious, natural sex brings.

Or perhaps you don't have a vaginal orgasm (or multiple vaginal orgasms) as often as you'd like. The book contains a simple, comfortable, natural position that virtually guarantees a vaginal orgasm 99.99% of the time. These two tips alone are worth 1000 times the price of the book.

Or perhaps your partner is one of the small minority of intact men whose foreskin cannot retract over its glans (penis head), medically known as phimosis. The book offers a non-surgical solution for that too.

Written in an easy to understand language and style, infused with the passion of a poet's heart, the truth of nature proclaimed in this landmark 20-chapter book is destined to become one of the most important women's issues of our time as it lights the twin revolutionary fires of greater sexual quality/equality, and greater love between the sexes.

Even though your partner has a natural penis, you may possibly have a son who was circumcised, since this practice is so ingrained in our culture. The book presents a solution to this quandary—foreskin restoration (loosely defined as "regrowing" the foreskin using various non-surgical techniques that expand and extend the penile shaft skin).

This concept may sound radical, but as America comes to realize the paramount importance of the foreskin to sexual pleasure, it will emerge as a very reasonable solution for those who have already been circumcised. The circumcision rate has been declining for two decades. Non-circumcision and the natural penis will soon be the norm. You need to be informed about foreskin restoration so you, or your husband, can do the right thing by bringing this information to the attention of your son at the appropriate time. As a parent, you want your child to live a happy life. Sexual happiness is primary to his life as an adult and his future marital happiness.

In summary, this is one of the most important books—if not the most important—you will ever read, for both your own sexual happiness, and that of your children.

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