TOP 10 ways Circumcised PENIS Harms women

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 Sexual Functions of the Foreskin



Nature intended for sexual excitation
to take place primarily in the upper penis



The tactile nerves in the body can be grouped into two major categories, either conveying

     touch sensations   or   pressure sensations

The distinction being that sustained touch (and/or bearing down) is considered pressure.

Try a simple experiment.  Run a moistened finger lightly over your lower lip.  Feel the erogenous sensations.  Your lip abounds with touch-sensitive nerves.

Now press your finger down on your lower lip.  Notice that there is an absence of feeling.  Your lower lip is deficient in pressure-sensitive nerves.

Try an inverse experiment.  Run your finger lightly on the inside of your cheek.  Notice the lack of feeling.  This surface is devoid of touch-sensitive nerves.  However, if you push your finger hard against your inner cheek, you can feel that it does contain pressure-sensitive nerves.












PART 1: Pleasure from touch-sensitive nerves in the ridged band, inner foreskin, & frenulum


The inner foreskin,

     ridged band
    of the foreskin


    of the foreskin

 abound with touch

20,000-70,000 touch-sensitive nerves, in fact, of a type called Meissner's corpuscles, which are excited by gentle touching.

To get an idea of the difference between skin that is teeming with Meissner's corpuscles and skin that is not, stroke your fingernail across the back of your hand.  Then compare that feeling to the sensation elicited by stroking the palm of your hand.  That rather ticklish sensation is generated by the large numbers of Meissner's corpuscles found in your palm.    scroll >

Photo below is a close up of the ridged band of the foreskin.

Clusters of Meissner's corpuscles are found in crests of the ridged band.

The photo on the right is a transverse section of just 1 of the ridges
of the ridged band magnified.  > > >

The dark dots are  Meissner's corpuscles

The slightest distortion
of a Meissner's corpuscle will create sexual sensation.

UNCIRCUMCISED Penis Derives Significant Pleasure BY Thrusting to Stimulate the Thousands of Touch-Sensitive EROTIC Nerves
in its Upper Penis

Nature intended the penis to derive high levels of sexual pleasure from the thousands of touch
nerves in its upper penis region.


...the uncircumcised penis thrusts in ways that best stimulate these upper penis touch-sensitive erogenous nerves.


The circumcised penis has no Meissner's corpuscles of
the ridged band,
inner foreskin, and frenulum
(very likely) because the tissue is gone—removed by circumcision.





PART 2:  Pleasure from pressure-sensitive nerves in the TIP of the corpora cavernosum


The penis head (i.e., glans) is not the most erogenous tissue
on the penis.  Nor is the foreskin, nor its ridged band.

The MOST erogenous tissue on the penis is underneath
glans at the TIP of the corpora cavernosum.

The TIP of corpora cavernosum is so extremely sensitive that nature protects it from direct touch by placing the glans over it.  Cushioned, indirect pressure is what the TIP needs, the kind it receives from the massaging actions of a pliable glans,

and from the massaging actions of the foreskin, as it alternately bunches & un-bunches against the coronal ridge.

The massaging actions of the glans and foreskin, during intercourse thrusting, excite the super-erotic, pressure-sensitive nerves in the
TIP of the
corpora cavernosum, that's located interiorly beneath
the coronal ridge. (See pics below.)


These TIP nerves that are excited by the application of a massaging-type pressure (i.e, alternating pressure and the release of pressure) send a waves of sexual excitement throughout the upper penis, giving the uncircumcised man exquisite pleasure and building him to orgasm.

Therefore, it's  very, very important that the glans not be compacted tightly against the corpora cavernosum TIP.

If the erect penis glans presses tightly against the ccTIP,
the sexual nerves in the
ccTIP get too much constant direct stimulation and they end up sending out fewer pleasurable sensations during intercourse, and they may be even go completely numb.  (Women, similarly, can experience numbness in their clitoris if they apply too much constant, direct touch to it.)


The video in Reason #5 explained that circumcision removes 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis's available shaft skin.  An insufficiency of shaft skin can cause the erect circ penis tissue to compact.

When the compacted circ glans presses down tightly on the ccTIP, the circ man experiences a reduction in pleasurable feeling in his upper penis during intercourse thrusting.  His upper penis area can end up going numb, or even worse, register discomfort and/or pain.

This reduction in pleasure coming from the upper area causes the circumcised penis to seek pleasurable feelings elsewhere on the penis.  It, therefore, thrusts to excite pressure-sensitive nerves in its middle and lower area.  However, there are fewer pressure-sensitive nerves in the penis's middle and lower area, and they are deeper inside the corpora cavernosum tissue, so they require strong, hard thrusting against the vaginal opening to excite them.

Therefore, the circumcised man thrusts hard, rough and tough, tense, forceful, and even bangaway.

Why the Circumcised Penis Thrusts Hard 

In contrast, the upper penis nerves of the uncircumcised penis create very high levels of pleasure with very little force.  Thus, they only need gentle, easy thrusting motions to excite them.

Natural, uncircumcised sex is designed by nature to be a gentler experience for the woman.


Yes, it can now be said with certainty: The foreskin has
a purpose — a sexual purpose.
And during the intimacy of intercourse, the foreskin not only makes a difference a superlative differencein a man's sexual pleasure, but its presence during intercourse also makes a phenomenally greater difference to the woman on the receiving end of the penis, immensely enhancing her pleasure and comfort , and substantially increasing her rate of orgasmic success.

Why Women Like Foreskin Sex

Woman's Erotic Story

Conversely: Circumcision has newly-revealed, adverse effects  on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner, causing  profound detrimental consequences on the way they experience intercourse, diminishing their pleasure to an astounding degree.

10 Ways Circumcised Penis Harms Women

For the woman, as well as the man, circumcised sex
is not the sensual experience nature intended.



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